Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Lake Compounce – North America’s Oldest Amusement Park and Connecticut’s Largest Water Park

Lake Compounce has more rides, attractions, and dining options than anyone can experience in a day. The park includes North America’s oldest amusement park and Connecticut’s largest water park, including Boulder Dash – a wooden roller coaster that’s often named the world’s best.

Other highlights include a new floating stage for concerts by CeeLo Green, Everclear, and Canaan Smith. The park also has a campground that’s included with admission. Read this first!

Thrill Rides

There are more rides, attractions, dining options, and FUN at Lake Compounce than anyone can experience in a single day! The park is home to the famous Boulder Dash wooden roller coaster, Connecticut’s largest water park, and a recently constructed campground.

Thrill rides are a major attraction at Lake Compounce and have a long tradition in the history of amusement parks. They are not for the faint of heart and can be frightening. The newest thrill ride at the park is called Phobia and features an inversion at 150ft up in the air.

In the past decade, the storied park suffered financial difficulties including mountains of back taxes to Bristol and Southington, lawsuits from disgruntled patrons, a barrage of empty promises from a string of owners, and abbreviated seasons. In 2009, the park was purchased by Palace Entertainment which merged it with Kennywood Parks and has invested millions in upgrades. A balance of change and tradition remains a key element in the park’s success.

Family Rides

For those who love a theme park experience but don’t always crave thrill rides, Lake Compounce has plenty to offer. The park offers a variety of family attractions and rides including the Boulder Dash, voted the world’s best wooden roller coaster. It also has Connecticut’s largest water park and a new campground on-site.

Among the oldest rides at Lake Compounce is the carousel, which was built in 1898 and moved to the park in 1911. It features the work of four master carvers and a Looff mechanism. The ride’s music is provided by a Wurlitzer 153 band organ, but a CD now plays the music for most days.

Crocodile Cove is included with amusement park admission and features a lazy river, a wave pool, slides, and more. The most recent addition was the Venus Vortex, a six-story Manta water slide. It sends up to four adventurous riders in a circular raft through twists and turns before plummeting into a U-shaped half funnel that resembles a hungry Venus flytrap. Here is another spot to visit.

Water Rides

While it doesn’t have the big thrill rides of Disney World or the high-speed coasters of Cedar Point Lake Compounce is still fun to visit. Its old-time feel adds to the enjoyment and it’s a park that knows what it is and is happy being that.

In addition to thrilling rides and classic kiddie ones, the park offers a water park as part of the admission price. Crocodile Cove Water Park has a wave pool, several water slides, and more. New for 2021 is the six-story Venus Vortex Manta Water Slide which takes up to four adventurous riders in a circular raft down a U-shaped half funnel that looks like a hungry Venus flytrap.

Guests can also enjoy the Mammoth Falls family raft adventure or challenge friends to a race on Riptide Racer multiple lane mat slide racers or Tunnel Twisters’ enclosed body slides. There are plenty of ways to make a splash and have some fun in the sun at Lake Compounce.


In the past several years millions of dollars have been invested in rides and attractions. Today Lake Compounce is a favorite destination for thrill seekers and families alike. It’s home to Boulder Dash -the world’s top-ranked wooden coaster and Connecticut’s largest water park.

Lake Compounce features many great dining options including the popular Potato Patch, local favorites like Pink’s and Johnny Rockets, and nationwide chains that offer a variety of choices. Guests can also grab a bite in the park’s own Harbor Pizza shop.

The family-owned Sabino Restaurant and Lounge offer patrons traditional Italian dishes with a variety of sauces. The menu includes pasta, pizza, and steak dishes. The establishment can seat up to 90 guests. Up next is Norton Park.


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