Norton Park

Located in Hartford County, Plainville CT is home to several parks and recreational facilities. From Norton Park to Tomasso Nature Park, there is something for everyone in this beautiful town.

It is unlawful to cut, carve, transplant, or remove any tree, shrub, flower, or grass within said parks. Feeding waterfowl or aquatic life is also prohibited. You’ll be glad you read this!

1. Elizabeth A. Berner Pool

The town of Plainville is a family-oriented community. This community values education and is very active in ensuring their children get the best opportunity to thrive in the future. With schools like Linden Street Elementary School, Toffolon Elementary School, and Plainville High School there is a great sense of pride and commitment in the public school system of this town.

Located in Hartford County and midway between Bristol and New Britain and fourteen miles southwest of Hartford, Plainville has a diverse business base with primary industries in stone quarries, spring manufacturing, metal stamping, and heavy construction. The town also has a strong recreational focus with the Elizabeth A. Berner Pool, Trumbull Park, Paderewski Park, and Tomasso Nature Park all offering recreational opportunities in the town of Plainville.

2. Tomasso Nature Park

Easily accessible from Norton Park this hidden gem of a town park offers wide, level paths and a pond to enjoy in relative peace and quiet. This park is a perfect spot to avoid crowds and enjoy the outdoors without the ticks, mud, and other hazards.

This beautiful park is the result of a corporate mandate by Tomasso Brothers who were required to create equivalent wetlands when they built the runway at the nearby Robertson Airport. They literally dug up and moved tons of wetlands soils and plants, creating this wonderful nature park.

The town of Plainville is a lovely Hartford County community with plenty to offer homebuyers. With a small-town feel mixed with big city services and unique festivals and businesses, Plainville is an excellent choice for families and those looking to buy a home at a fair price. A must-see place!

3. Trumbull Park

Plainville is a town with plenty of affordable homes and a tight housing market. The town also has several local hospitals and medical centers, making it a great choice for families with children who need access to quality healthcare.

The town is home to a number of unique festivals and businesses, including the Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival takes place in Norton Park each year and attracts thousands of people each year. The town is also home to a small airport called Robertson Airport, which is operated by the town.

Those who own cars can find plenty of parking options in and around the town, including residential garages. These garages can offer space for large vehicles or multiple cars, and some even feature climate control to protect stored items from damage caused by heat or humidity.

4. Paderewski Park

Plainville is a family-friendly town with a sizable population but a small-town feel. Families love the schools in town and the town is known for its creative approach to applying education so today’s kids can excel tomorrow.

There is a lot to do both within the town and close by. For a fun-packed day out the old-time amusement park Lake Compounce draws visitors to its juddering wooden rollercoasters. There are also inspiring natural vistas from the west-facing crags of Metacomet Ridge.

The town is home to a YMCA, Starbucks, and a medley of delicious restaurants. Shopping options are abundant at the Connecticut Commons shopping center and Westfarms Mall.

5. Norton Park

The agreeable town of Plainville, midway between Bristol and New Britain in Hartford County, has much to offer. The town park, Norton Park, is the venue for a pageant of color at the end of August when dozens of hot air balloons fill the sky with a riot of color.

The nearby New Britain Museum of American Art has 19 rooms stuffed with Impressionist works like Monet and Mary Cassatt as well as decorative arts like rugs and furniture. Hill-Stead Museum meanwhile displays a collection of 19th-century American art and furnishings including a beautiful sunken garden.

A short drive west leads to the amusement park Lake Compounce, open since 1846, and renowned for its two juddering wooden rollercoasters. The park also hosts concerts on Tuesday evenings during summer. Browse the next article.


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