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House Washing


We are the House Washing Professionals

We are the House Washing Professionals

Customer first always at The Powerwashing Kings. 

We believe your home is your castle, one of your most precious items in your life. It protects you from the elements, keeps you warm, and where many special memories are made. Isn’t it time you showed your home the same care and love it provides for you?

Why The Powerwashing Kings…..

At The Powerwashing Kings we understand your house is one of if not your biggest investment. We have over 15 years experience and over 10,000 units washed. All day every day all we do is wash, washing is our only business. We are highly trained to clean your house with 100% no damage to your house.  One mistake could cause thousands to tens of thousand of dollars in damage or a major injury. We know you do not want to risk doing this job on your own or trusting an untrained uninsured relative or friend. Nor do you want to risk having an unskilled low cost handyman without the proper know-how, who does any and all work and you have wonder what job he is actually good at. At The Powerwashing Kings there is no guessing, you already know others wash we clean. Please do not trust your house with just anyone, they can destroy your siding, create leaks in your house.

Our Unique Pressure-less Wash System….

Our pressure-less wash system is safer then power washing, soft washing, pressure washing, or power cleaning. When we wash your house we can not break a peddle off a flower that is how gentle our wash is. Please call us with more information about this system. Call now- 860-839-1000.

Over the years your home begins to suffer from green stains and dark blotches. Cobwebs, mud, and bird droppings are just a handful of messes that contribute to a dirty exterior. Without proper cleaning, your home will become an eyesore, and the source of frustration for many of your neighbors. Your home exterior requires regular cleaning, and we hope you will choose us to be your consistent helpers.

Next time you leave your house, take a moment to look at the exterior. We mean REALLY look at it. Is the siding no longer as bright as it once was? Do you suddenly notice the spider webs have taken over? Are the dirt stains prominent? If the answer is yes, remember to give us a call.

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We want to earn your business and turn you into a long-term customer. 

We ❤️ Our Customers

House Washing
Done Right.

Our team of professionals work relentlessly with one goal in mind. That is to exceed your expectations and help transform your home or business to a breathtaking level. 

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