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Condo & HOA Pros

Condo & HOA Pros

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Are you in need of a power washing company for cleaning maintenance of your condos or HOAS? Look no further than The PowerWashing Kings. We are here to meet all your commercial cleaning needs.

Condos and Homeowners associations have the important task of keeping the exterior of their buildings looking spic and span. A properly maintained group of condos or HOAs helps attract new buyers and helps keep up property values. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true – a poorly maintained property can scare off potential buyers and drive down property values.

Why is professional cleaning so important for your Condos or HOAs? Dirt and grime accumulate on these types of buildings quickly. Leftover time these stains can leave the buildings looking old and worn down, but can also create structural damage to the exterior surfaces. To avoid having this happen to you, it is very important you have regular cleanings of your condos and HOAs. And we know just who to call! Our expert cleaners at PowerWashing Kings will ensure your buildings are cleaned following proper commercial protocol and with the highest safety measures.

We use a special power washing technique called soft washing that allows us to clean your building with a low-pressure setting. We have high power, environmentally friendly soap that does all the hard work, allowing the water to rinse the dirt and grime off the building as if it were never there. Our soaps will not harm your plants, pets, or landscaping.

Customer service is of the utmost importance for us at PowerWashing Kings. We take the time to listen to your needs and ensure you get the job you paid for. Our rates are reasonable and our service exceptional. We are just the company you need to take on your Condo or HOA commercial cleaning. Give us a call today!

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