Butternut Hollow Park

Butternut Hollow Park is getting a makeover, and the new features include a sensory garden and two new picnic shelters. The park is a popular spot for families to go fishing in the pond, and it will be reopened after undergoing construction in May. The park will remain closed until May 15, but once it reopens, it will feature a fun and safe environment for families to enjoy. Click for more.

Elizabeth Park

The playground at Butternut Hollow Park in Middletown CT has recently reopened after undergoing a $400,000 facelift. It is now drawing record numbers of local families. The upgrades were made possible by the $33 million parks bond approved two years ago. The park also includes a renovated Pat Kidney Field.

The park is located on a picturesque pond. It is stocked with trout in the spring. It has a brand-new playground, several music stations, and an expression swing for the kids. There are also public restrooms, ample parking, and a picnic area for families.

The park is home to several hundred acres of land owned by the City of Middletown, The Nature Conservancy, and private landowners. There are trails to hike, bike, and picnic. There is also a museum that honors the history of the area’s military. There are also several restaurants, breweries, and live entertainment.

Butternut Hollow Park

Located on a small pond in Middletown, Butternut Hollow Park offers a unique playground experience for kids. The park was recently renovated and is now more exciting than ever. It features a large play structure and swings. It also has a sensory garden and plenty of picnic areas. Because of its convenient location, it’s a great spot for a short-day trip.

The park has an augmented reality playground where parents and children can play with their smartphones to unlock treasures and play games. Parents can download a free app to their iPhone or Android and use it to engage their children. Activities include finding virtual dinosaur bones, racing cars on a track, playing charades, and searching for butterflies. Parking is available on the side of the street. Explore more!

Adam’s Adventure Playground

The playground at Butternut Hollow Park was recently refurbished at a cost of $500,000. The improvements included a sensory garden and additional picnic areas. The park now features a large play structure, swings, and balance steps. It also features plenty of parking and public restrooms.

The playground was designed to be inclusive of children of all abilities. It offers many different types of climbing structures, wiggling steps, basketball hoops of varying heights, and other features for children to enjoy. The playground also includes American Sign Language signs and murals. The playground also offers a free Little Free Library.

Washington Street Historic District

There are several historic structures and locations in Middletown, Connecticut. One of them is the Butternut Hollow Park, a popular spot for families and children. The park recently received a $400,000 facelift, including a new playground. The neighborhood also boasts the Washington Street Historic District, a residential area located one mile northeast of the park.

Indian Hill Cemetery

The Indian Hill Cemetery in Middletown, Connecticut is an historic rural cemetery. It is located on 383 Washington Street and is adjacent to Wesleyan University. It is open to the public and can be visited year-round. The graveyard is home to over 2,000 graves.

Indian Hill Cemetery in Middletown CT was established in 1850. It is the final resting place for many prominent Middletown residents and is a peaceful and beautiful location. Until the 1990’s, the Indian Hill Cemetery offered the best view of the Fourth of July fireworks. Despite the fact that it is now overcrowded, there are still several plots available in this historic cemetery. The cemetery board recently added a new section for 1,000 new graves, and there are about 100 plots available in older sections.

Before the advent of automobiles and the urbanized lifestyle, Americans chose rural cemeteries in order to commune with nature. Although the area was never wild, it was carefully landscaped to be beautiful. Bylaws were implemented that prevented plants from being destroyed by visitors. They also removed plants that blocked pathways and lots. Click here for the next blog post.



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